When listing and selling a business there are many questions:

  • How do you effectively market and sell a business?
  • How do you place a fair market value on it?
  • How do you attract and qualify buyers?
  • How do you protect the seller’s confidentiality?
  • What information do you give prospects and at what stage in negotiations?
  • What contract forms are needed?
  • What sources of financing do you recommend?
  • How do you close a financial transaction?
  • How are intangible assets conveyed?
  • What are the legal and tax implications for buyers and sellers?
  • What is the broker’s liability, if something goes wrong?

Understanding these questions, most real estate professionals realize they are not qualified to properly list, market, negotiate and close the sale of an operating business. Still, real estate professionals have business owner contacts that need help selling their companies. Now, you can help your contacts by referring them to the Colorado Business Exchange. And, help yourself by receiving a 10% referral fee. See: BROKER COMPENSATION.

The Colorado Business Exchange is a Transaction Brokerage that employs a statewide network of real estate professionals who refer business owners and prospective buyers creating an efficient market for transferring business ownership. The many features of our service include:

  • Equitable and efficient transfers of ownership.
  • Confidentiality: customers, competitors, and employees are kept unaware.
  • Transaction Brokers certified by the International Business Brokers Association.
  • Independent appraisals performed by one of the most respected business appraisal companies in the country.
  • State of the art database to match buyers and sellers.
  • Targeted local, regional, and national marketing.
  • National exposure on several business for sale websites.
  • Statewide network of referring brokers.
  • Membership support form the Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries.
  • Lawful closings performed by experienced attorneys who specialize in small business transfers.

To learn more about the Colorado Business Exchange, please CONTACT US.