exit planning

Exit Planning

The sale of your business is likely the most important financial event of your life. Our goal is to make it the most fulfilling and profitable as well. We accomplish this by incorporating The Seven Step Exit Planning Process™, developed and refined over the past 30 years, into your exit process. Whether you plan to sell now, or sometime during the next 10 years, our process delivers “peace of mind” knowing:

  • You finally get what you deserve after years of hard work building your company.
  • Your financial house is in order so you and your family will be well provided for, long after transferring the business.
  • Your business legacy will be preserved.
  • The IRS gets no more than its fair share—maximizing the amount of money left for you, your family, charity, or whatever you decide.
  • You have done everything you can to protect your assets.
  • You have taken care of your most dedicated employees.
  • You have adequately addressed whatever is most important to you.

The process starts with your company, your resources and your objectives. So, whatever your concerns, whatever is most important to you, our process focuses on delivering it. Just as every business is different, every process will be unique to its owner. We never know what actions we are going to recommend until after talking with you, learning about your company and taking stock of your resources. Our job is to help you achieve your goals, whatever you decide they should be. As exit planners and business sale transaction intermediaries, the Colorado Business Exchange cooperates with your accountants, attorneys, financial planners and other advisors to develop and implement the recommendations that best meet your needs.

While selling your business is a momentous event, successfully exiting your business involves a much larger process. Let us help you successfully exit your business by following The Seven Step Exit Planning Process™.